Post Number One

After months of deliberating I’ve decided to go ahead and launch my very own blog, where I plan to talk about some of my own experiences and offer some advice / tips relating to the weddings and events industries.

As I write my first ever blog post (on Monday 25th May 2020) the world is still very much unfortunately on ‘Lockdown’ due to Covid-19, however it’s starting to feel like we are extremely close to being able to do some ‘normal stuff’ again! And by ‘normal stuff’ I mean being able to see friends and family again, go to the pub, go out for dinner – stuff that we used to do without thinking twice!

It’s been exactly 73 days since my last ‘live’ magic performance, and whilst I’ve done some Instagram Live’s and put out some ‘Lockdown Magic’ content on my Social Media Channels, I really do miss doing magic for ‘actual’ people! You can’t beat interacting with people face to face, it’s one of the things I love most about performing close up magic.

Well, hopefully normality is just around the corner, and so I look forward to bringing some EPIC magic to weddings and events in the near future.

Until next time ☺
Tyler Harrison

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